Ruby Rose Harness

  • Ruby Rose Harness
  • Ruby Rose Harness
  • Ruby Rose Harness

3Poochys harnesses are very durable. They are double layered and reinforced with quilting batting(padding) triple stitching at all stress points. Excellent for training your canine not to pull, while affording you more control. Though some smarty paws occasionally slip their heads out of other harness, our are fully adjustable so your pup is less likely to accidentally escape.


  • Simply slip the harness over your dog's head and buckle at the belly
  • Comfortable fit as it's fully adjustable at neck and girth
  • Super support for the chest-area, preventing possible trachea and neck injury
  • Easy care: machine washable

Made from:

  • 100% pre-washed cotton
  • Lined with soft, breathable matching fabric
  • Perfect for warm weather wear in spring or summer
  • Top quality hardware, side release buckles, and nickel D and O ring



Since our dog harnesses are not mass-produced,

                                             each harness will vary slightly from the picture

For a perfect fit***Please indicate your pooch measurement***

Neck(Inch)......Girth(inch) COMMENT


  SIZE                 WEIGHT                 NECK               GIRTH

   MINI                   3-5 lbs                  6-8 inch              9-12 inch

   XX-SM                5-7 lbs                8-10 inch            12-14 inch

              X-SM               7-10 lbs                9-11 inch             14-16 inch        

          SM              10-15 lbs              10-12 inch             16-18 inch 

       MED             15-20 lbs             12-13 inch             18-21 inch

       LG                 20-25 lbs              12-14 inch             21-23  inch

                    X-LG              25-45 lbs                 CUSTOM            CUSTOM