Stripe Thistle Dog Collar

Stripe Thistle Dog Collar

  • $ 12.50

This Cutie Collar adjustable Dog Collar is made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric

Our collar won't chafe the skin(perfect for the hairless breeds)

Machine Washable

All hardware is top quality

side release buckles(slightly rounded to conform to your dog's neck) and cast D-ring

Since our dog collars are not mass-produced,each collar will vary slightly from the picture 


Collar width Fit Neck
XX-SM 1/2 inch 6-10 inch
X-SM 5/8 inch 10-14 inch
SM 3/4 inch 12-16 inch
MED 3/4 inch 16-18 inch
LG 1 inch 18-21 inch
X-LG 1 inch 21-23 inch